Design / Build


A well designed landscape will have a profound effect on your living or work environment.

Blue Ridge Landscaping can develop your ideas into a finished project.  Our professional staff has years of experience with creating beautiful and functional landscapes.

To ensure that the transition from design to build is as seamless as possible here are the steps that are generally to be expected during the process:

Consultative Phase

We converse over phone and/or email to learn about your situation and then arrive on site to speak in person to go over more details.  This can take some time so block out an hour or so to be sure there’s enough time to dive into the project together! Afterwards, pictures and dimensions of the site are collected and a design can then be drawn.

Design Phase

We’ll develop a design that helps visually represent our discussions while also highlighting specific areas of interest (pools, pergolas, retaining walls, etc.) as needed. This preliminary design in many cases is sufficient to move forward to estimating, however sometimes further revisions and refinements may be necessary to articulate the intended work appropriately.  This will be based on specific discussions and needs ongoing through the design process.


3-D Design

Having trouble understanding all those symbols and plant names on a 2-D plan? We also offer the service of rendering 3-D designs as well! We work with some of the best digital artists to bring you a vivid and immersive view toward your investment. If a pool or extensive vertical structure (e.g. pool house, pavilion, outdoor kitchen) is part of your project scope, then we require this as part of the design package. Separate design rates apply based on total scope of each rendered project.Wilber Renders 06Oltean Residence_Render 04

Wilber Renders 1513

Estimation Phase

After a plan is presented, we’ll also create an estimate to help budget the cost of the build of the project.  This can include various line items to show where certain aspects of the design weigh in financially.  If the plan and estimate is approved, we then accept a down payment to secure placement on schedule and materials for the construction process to begin.

Build Phase

After down payment is received and all paperwork and permits are in order, we will arrive on site and begin construction on your project!  Depending on the scope of work, this can take a few days to complete or several months.  We’ll stay close through the entire process to help ensure the landscape construction is as smooth as possible.  After all work is completed, we’ll inspect the landscape (together if possible) to check any final details, if necessary.  Final payment will be expected upon final inspection unless otherwise discussed.


design and build
design and build
design and build
design and build

“We bought a house that was really nice on the inside but needed “curb” appeal. It is an “L” shaped house and the 1400 foot gravel driveway ended in a circle in front of our house. In the middle of the circle was a flag pole. The house looked like a grade school The landscaping was minimal and needed to be redone. Chris Major their designer is a true professional, a pleasure to work with and excellent designer. He did (Unilock) pavers in the front of our house and in the back for our patio. They look beautiful! Then he did the landscaping which is gorgeous . We live in the woods and he made everything look natural and deer proof. I would recommend him to anyone. HIs workers are very professional too! He worked well with the company who did the cement for the driveway. He referred us to the fence company for our backyard and they also did a superb job.”

- Cathy Fillion