Since 1987 and the founding vision of Larry and Arlene Nienhuis, Blue Ridge has been captivated by creation. We shape the elements in ways that define outdoor space and exude a natural sense of comfort, luxury and home.

From our early start growing small evergreens to the robust landscape installation and maintenance services we offer today, Blue Ridge has maintained a foundation of faith and a love for participating in God’s creation.

In 2007, Brent Nienhuis bought the business from Larry and Arlene after working for 12 years for the company. Under his leadership, Blue Ridge has designed and built outdoor living areas throughout Michigan. The company has developed unique expertise in the shaping of stone to contain fire, control water and complement earth. Blue Ridge takes pride in shaping and stewarding spaces where people connect and landscapes are enjoyed. Looking to the next 30 years, we plan to keep seeking and celebrating the outdoor beauty that naturally inspires our work.

We had an excellent experience with Chris Major and Blue Ridge. We first met with Chris in Jan 2015, after reaching out on Houzz, to discuss the landscaping possibilities for a piece of property adjacent to our home in St. Joseph, MI which we had just acquired. He developed a very creative, inspiring and beautiful plan for the property in a short period of time, and we very quickly bought in with relatively few changes. He and his team then went to work in the spring and created an amazing area for us that, other than changes we mutually agreed upon during the process, was almost exactly what he had originally envisioned…and on budget! The landscaped area includes a meditation garden with water feature, a fire pit and patio, an outdoor kitchen pavilion and beautiful vegetation throughout. Their post-completion service has also been extremely good, including removing and replacing any plants that didn’t do well after planting. Very glad we chose Blue Ridge!

- Doug Collier